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This holiday season is not like others. Not a lot of us will be celebrating the way we normally would be celebrating with our families and friends. That can be depressing but with technology the way it is, it does not have to be. There are several ways in which we can reach out to our loved ones. We have Iphones, Ipads, Facetime, Skype and lots of other ways we can communicate with family and friends. We have lost so many people this year not just to the coronavirus but other diseases, accidents and even injustices. We are going to miss them and yes we have to take time to grieve but you can make it. God gives us new mercies every morning and his amazing grace is available to us. We do not always deserve God's grace but he gives it to us freely. No matter how hard it is, you can get through this. You are stronger than you think and no matter how bad it feels and how hard it hurts, you can get through this. Hold on to your faith and your trust in God and lean on him. Call your friends and relatives, turn on your favorite movie, bake some cookies, and turn on those beautiful Christmas songs that always made you smile. You are going to get through this and one day soon, smile again, laugh again and hope again. You will make it!!!

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