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Who Are We?

North Memphis Publishing House is a non-profit, professional organization that gives new authors empowerment to succeed as independent authors. Through supportive guidance,  and editing through the publishing process, you will find that our professional, personal care services will stand out among the best in publishing companies. Our innovative and creative approach to your book writing publishing process will help you gain knowledge through the help of an industry expert through every part of the process.

Our Mission:

Our organization is a publishing company dedicated to the culture of African-Americans through literary reading. Creating a culture that cultivates, enriches, and develops a love for reading. We produce books for children and adults that bring experiences, images, languages, that reflect who they are and what they know.



The vision of this organization is to publish African-American books written by new and experienced authors. These books encourage, enlighten and build the lives of those reading and to bring new styles and new voices to the literary world. 


Our purpose is to bring authors works into the hands that transform your manuscript into a customizable book.

What We Believe:

Everyone has a story that your work is your work. We take 0% royalties and you retain 100% ownership. 

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