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At North Memphis Publishing House , we specialize in helping new authors share their words with the world.

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We Are Here For You

North Memphis Publishing House is proud to work with truly talented authors. Since we don’t focus on a particular genre, our roster includes all types of writers. After investing many years in the writing arena, our CEO wanted to expand her territory with the mindset of giving a voice to African American writers yearning to write books.  She knew that she must start her own publishing company. Her company would be affordable and professional. Seletha launched North Memphis Publishing House, a company where your writing belongs to you. She brings her stellar experience to the organization to emerging writers on how to write and complete the book of your dreams. Her amazing writing skills will enable you to gain insight on strengthening your manuscript and writing skills through conferences, webinars, and one on one training.


Seletha Head Tucker

It has been a childhood dream of mine to own my own publishing company. I’ve been fortunate to have had many opportunities to craft my own personal writing skills. Check out some of the books I’ve written, and see how you can benefit from my creative work.

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, in the North Memphis area, she is married with two adult children and now resides in St. Louis, Missouri.  My library of written books include novels, children’s books, and inspirational books. I have published, edited, and co-wrote many books and plays for myself as well as others. I have served as a ghostwriter, a consultant, and set on many boards of directors. Let me work for you.



What We Do Best

“Reading brings us unknown friends.”

As a leader, she coaches writers, poets, play writers and new writers into turning their manuscripts into books. Her guidance through her resiliency has inspired many writers. As she has followed her dream, she will help you follow yours.  Seletha M. Head Tucker makes dreams come true! Her purpose is to bring authors' works into hands that transform their manuscripts into a customizable book.

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